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Volume 19 (2020)


Contemporary terrorism as justification for the state of exception
Weronika Adamska

Care in administrative supervision
Igor Korczak-Kubalski

Child abduction return order refusal – Grave risk of psychological harm – Commentary to the decision of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw of 3 July 2019
Piotr Króliński

Comparative analysis of Polish energy clusters and energy cooperatives
Bartłomiej Kupiec

Commentary on the Supreme Court’s judgment of 12 January 2006, II CK 342/05
Emilia Michałuszko

Challenges for competition in new technology relevant markets related to intellectual property law with selected methods of restoring competition
Katarzyna Stradomska

Between mixed jurisdictions and legal pluralism – case study of the late Ottoman Empire
Michał Tutaj

Volume 18 (2019)


Detention in custody before the first appearance under the state of emergency in Turkey
Burak Haylamaz

Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Rule of Surrender – Critical Analysis of Possible Legal Challenges
Julia Kryńska

The obligation to return the alien and the protection of his/her family life
Maria Dzieżyc

The entry of warning about the running restructuring proceedings but establishing the mortgage
Daniel Jakimiec

Legal aspects of dedicating work to the public domain and waiving copyright under CC0
Katarzyna Brzózka

The genesis and role of custom in China’s General Provisions of Civil Law
Igor Szpotakowski

Justice and architecture – analysis with a particular insight into the building of Supreme Court of Poland
Angelika Ciżyńska

From Prize Cases to free speech zones. Schmittian vision of the institution of the state of emergency in the US
Wojciech Engelking

Administrative Procedure of Inflicting Administrative Monetary Penalties and Its Judicial Review and the European Convention on Human Rights Standard
Emil Śliwiński

Limitation of the right to court in Poland
Emilia Ekiert

Use of Ethnography in Researching Legal Pluralism
Radosław Pałosz


Third party funding in international investment arbitration: a dire need of disclosure
Agata Zwolankiewicz

Commercialization of the human body in France. Selected legal issues
Beata Kozielewicz

Liability under statutory warranty for physical defects of goods and sale of share right. Study on the basis of judgment of the Supreme Court of April 26, 2018 in case I CSK 157/17
Maciej Magnowski

Changes in the criminal law of the Third Reich and their impact on the functioning of the Drumhead court-martial in Auschwitz concentration camp
Karolina Palka

Application of art. 108 of the Polish Civil Code to the agreements entered into by capital companies
Piotr Plesiński

Control over Passenger Name Record data in relation to fundamental rights concerns
Maria Skwarcan

The notion of intersectional discrimination in the jurisdiction of the CJEU. Comments on the Parris (C-443/15) case
Ada Tymińska

Volume 17 (2018)


‘In America, the law is king’ – Historical perspective on the Due Process of Law in the United States
Piotr Brzostek

What does the rule of law mean – Explaining the definition based on examples of personal commitment to the Rule of Law
Wanda Sielewicz

Financing of healthcare services in clinical trials of medicinal products (Article 37k of the Pharmaceutical Law)
Wiktor Krzymowski

Monitoring The Employees At The Workplace And Protection Of His Privacy
Dominika Kuźnicka

The Right To Respect For Family Life In The Case-law Of The Polish Constitutional Court
Ernestyna Pachała

Insulting a police officer – a case study
Karolina Rzeczkowska

Feminicide as the separate type of homicide based on gender in criminal law of certain latin american countries with special consideration given to Mexico
Alicja Serafin

Can the environment law stop the construction of Nord Stream 2? Comments on the background to the legislation of the European Union, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Denmark
Monika Skrobot


Anthropomorphism and Machine – Social And Legal Perspectives
Magdalena Kolczyńska

The Doctrine of Consideration in English Law and Its Fading
Paweł Słup

Najważniejsze problemy prawne dotyczące pojazdów autonomicznych w perspektywie globalnej i polskiej
Wojciech Drozd, Julita Brzezińska

„Meaning and Understanding in the History of Idea”. Quentin Skinner’s method
Dariusz Łysak

Direct understanding in the theory of legal interpretation of “late” Jerzy Wróblewski and its reinterpretation in light of moral psychology
Jan Ptaszyński

In search of law in philosophy of Michael Foucault
Stanisław Stefaniak

Loi-Écran Theory And Immediate Application Of The Constitution By The Courts In France
Cezary Węgliński

The Problem Of Judicial Activism And Judicial Law-Making In The Light Of The Contemporary Theories Of Interpretion
Michał Wieczorkowski

Volume 16 (2017)


The Purpose of the Firm and Board Heterogeneity
Tanja Nowak

Constitutional court’s independence in the context of political transformation. The case of the Czech Republic and Poland
Katarzyna Gaczyńska

An Accident at Work – the Legal Situation of the Insured under the Current Definition
Anna Góraj

The European Citizen’s Initiative in the Context of the Polish Legal Order
Maciej Pisz

The scope of the in dubio pro reo principle from the perspective of recent amendments to the Polish Code of Criminal Procedure
Marcin Hotel, Aleksandra Rychlewska

The subject-matter protected by provisions specifying an act prohibited under penalty
Tomasz Tyburcy

Legal Aspects of the National Register of Lost Cultural Property
Agata Lizak

An Infringement on a Good Reputation of a Legal Person by Statements Related to these Entities’ Natural Persons
Krzysztof Riedl

Legal aspects of the option contract
Antoni Liśkiewicz

Could an operator of a marketplace be held responsible for the sales of counterfeit products at the marketplace? – remarks based on CJEU case-law
Sylwia Żyrek

Subjective aspect of the execution of treatment procedure without the patient’s consent
Karolina Piech

Gloss to the Decision of the Supreme Administrative Court dated 22nd December 2016, II FZ 889/16 (CBOSA)
Jakub Wirski


A commentary on Carter v Canada and medical aid in dying
Benoît Pelletier, Afton Maisonneuve

Law and Memory: The Unobvious Relationship
Mirosław M. Sadowski

Legal Basis of Reporting Procedure as Means of Cooperation Between the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies and Non-Governmental Organisations
Vitaliia Lebid

An Agreement as the Source of Parental Responsibility over a Stepchild – a Model Approach on the Example of English Legislation
Wojciech Kosior, Jakub M.Łukasiewicz

The Consequences of Withdrawal of the Appeal in the Part Going Beyond the Decision about the Costs of the Proceedings contained in the Judgment
Przemysław Jadłowski

European Citizens’ Initiative – the assessment of applicable rules, foregoing experiences and proposals of amendments
Maria Smolny

New categories of rights and duties related to the institution of derivatives account
Sebastian Podmiotko

The Constitutionalization of Legal Methodology
Magdalena Latacz

Concept of Legal Reasoning and Its Specificity in the Light of Philosophical, Logical and Rhetorical Aspects of Reasoning
Michał Sopiński

Contractual penalty clause for the withdrawal from a contract – interpretation of legal structure in the light of case law and its implications
Filip Wiaderek

The character of entry of the mortgage into the mortgage and land register under the legal subrogation – the commentary on the Supreme Court’s judgement – II CSK 548/10
Łukasz Pierwienis

Volume 15 (2016)


The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women: An Effective Mechanism or a Diplomatic Show?
Sophie McNeill

The criticism of Law and Economics
Krzysztof Koźmiński

A problem of pecuniary compensation for pain and mental suffering for the people unable to suffer mentally
Dominika Piasecka

Fetal protection in the European Convention on Human Rights
Daniel Lubowiecki

The effects of expiry of the right of perpetual usufruct
Aleksandra Kozak

Human Trafficking in Polish legal system
Julia Berg

The principle of friendliness towards the international law: is it still the same?
Some reflections about the German Federal Constitutional Court Decision 2 BvL 1/12 (treaty overriding) from 15 December 2015

Bartosz Soloch

State succession in cultural property in international law
Agata Bienia

The Protection of the ‘Weaker Party’ of a Contract Concluded With a Use of a Standard Contract Term in the 20th and 21st Century Polish Law of Obligation
Wojciech Bańczyk

Implementation of the Framework Decision on the European Arrest Warrant and the surrender procedures between Member States in Poland and the United Kingdom – a decade of cooperation and perspective on changes
Katarzyna Wawrzyńczak-Mistygacz

Summary of the Gloss to Resolution of the Supreme Court dated 13th December 2013
III CZP 79/13

Michał Bajerski


Recent changes and challenges of consular protection for European Union citizens in third countries
Erzsébet Csatlós

Study of the principle of equality of arms particularly in Hungarian criminal proceedings
Anett E. Gácsi

Exclusive jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters: EU law provisions and case-law review and analysis
Bartosz Gryziak

Scope of issuing decision freedom in the Act on economic freedom relative to concession. Coexistence of administrative discretion and indeterminate concepts
Jakub Sadurski

Koncepcja Ericha Fromma jako wzór prawnej ochrony wolności
Ewa Obiedzińska

Exhaustion of copyright in the Internet
Maciej Gil

Card of inhabitant – an attempt to describe the institutions based on local regulations of the Warsaw Agglomeration communes
Jakub Dorosz-Kruczyński

Comparing the degree of fault in case of a divorce – comments on American comparative rectitude doctrine
Piotr Króliński

The correlation of individual autonomy with freedom in jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Sabrina Mana-Walasek

Vertical restrictions on e-commerce under provisions of selective distribution in European Union competition law
Artur Szmigielski

Legal protection insurance in the Polish insurance market
Marta Ostrowska

Between the rule of law and the legal stability – the issue of the durability of final administrative decision in the sentence P 46/13 of the Constitutional Tribunal
Dariusz Mańka
Mateusz Muchel

Volume 14 (2015)


Fiduciary duties of directors and officers to the corporation and its shareholders in the United States
Agnieszka Regiec

Customs legislation of the EurAsEC Customs Union
Alexander Kozyrin

The problem of bringing an action against supervisory decisions concerning auxiliary units
Sebastian Gajewski

Problems arising in the preparation of an oral testament
Klaudia Kamińska

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drones) and project for the new rules governing use of drones
Judyta Kasperkiewicz

Neutralization of civil aircraft in the event of threat to state security in Polish law
Patryk Polek

The ethical boundaries of tax advisors in tax proceedings
Wioletta Milczek

Humanitarian Policy in the European Union
Karolina Muzyczka

Implementing Solvency II Directive and its role in the integration process of the European insurance market
Marta Ostrowska

Single Supervisory Mechanism – a condition of efficiency of European Financial Market
Monika Zaleska

The institution of direct democracy in the Polish legal system
Karolina Piech

Lawful execution of a medicinal treatment without a patient’s consent – the right to autonomy and the presumption of consent and coercion
Dominika Sujka

A concept of special cruelty as a distinguishing feature of the type of qualified crime of harassment in the light of doctrine and judicature
Katarzyna Pietrzak

Interrogators and other participants of an interrogation of a minor victim pursuant to article 185a of the Code of Criminal Procedure
Marta Remiszewska

Hearing of a minor as a witness and an injured party in sexual offence cases
Jolanta Szydlik-Brudny

Problem of a future financial structure of the Polish limited liability company and legal position of their creditors
Daniel Setcki

Deleting a commercial company from the National Court Register and responsibility for its outstanding liabilities
Małgorzata Stępień

The obligation to return the severance allowance paid on the basis of the law on the specific principles of terminating labour relationships for reasons not attributable to employees
Paweł Wyrębek

Gloss to Judgment of the Supreme Court dated 18th December 2014, II UK 54/14
Agnieszka Piasecka


Plagiarism in the Academic Environment. Selected Issues
Marek Bojarski

The Schengen Acquis – Re-thinking the European integration in the context of the Refugee Crisis
Lucile Fleuret

Transformation of the state sovereignty and the legal pluralism in Europe
Katarzyna Południak-Gierz

Assessment of the validity of the implementation of the citizen’s electronic initiative to the Polish legal system
Klaudia Dąbrowska

Remarks on sampling in common law systems on the example of the United States of America
Piotr Króliński

Deduction from income of donations to charity and care activity of Church in the light of the Constitutional Court and administrative courts judgments
Aleksandra Godek

At the crossroads of proceedings – concurrence of enforcement and insolvency procedures
Bartosz Gryziak

Scope of the time of a license agreement
Piotr Kaniewski

The possibility of recognizing wastage of current assets as deductible expenses
Klaudia Głazowska

The admissibility of the voluntary sterilization – a comparative study
Rafał Snarski

Gloss to the Judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union dated 23 December 2015 in the case C-297/14 Rüdiger Hobohm v. Benedikt Kampik Ltd Co. KG, Benedikt Aloysius Kampik, Mar Mediterraneo Werbe- und Vertriebsgesellschaft für Immobilien SL (ECLI:EU:C:2015:844)
Sylwia Żyrek

Gloss to Judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal dated 16th October 2015, SK 20/12 (Judicature of the Constitutional Tribunal. Official Collection 2014, Series A, No. 9, item 102)
Katarzyna Stradomska